Rob Kengott
Science Fiction and Fantasy Author


At the moment all I have is the one book I've published, but more is coming soon.


Here There Be Monsters

Things vanish all the time; usually small things like paperclips and socks, but sometimes large things vanish too, things like ships and planes. Where do these things go when they fall off the face of the Earth? It was a question Alex never asked himself, until he became one of those things.

Alex spent years in Egypt helping his parents excavate an 18th dynasty mastaba. In fact, he's just returned home to Arizona for the first time in six years. There Alex finds himself face to face with the most unnatural experience of this life, public high school. He uses sarcasm to cope with all of his uncertainties and makes an enemy of Joseph Nez, a Navajo Indian and upper classman.

The story begins with Alex and Joe being trapped in a cave. When they try to find their way out, they fall off a ledge and right off the map. They land in a world of dinosaurs, prehistoric monsters, alien technology, and human refugees from every age. They are forced to fight a mosasaur, run from a megatherium, and outwit a conquistador. Ultimately, they are still captured by the Roman Army.

Can they cooperate long enough to escape from the Romans? Will they survive in a world filled with monsters? Is it possible to return to the world they left behind? Why do their adventures echo with ancient myths from every legend? And, what are they going to do when they meet a girl from the future?

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Arizona butte near the Superstition Mountains
The cave immediately under the entrance
Many people reported feeling dizzy in the crystal cave
This was later identified as a species of mosasaur
One of the two boys who vanished, and the only one who returned
The "conquistador"
A maori warrior
Alex Lidenbrock - still missing
The centurion is wearing a legionnaire's helmet.
An extensive search was unable to determine the girl's real name
Supposedly a species of Phorusrhacidae
Several have claimed this is a sketch of gigantopithecus